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by nijntjee

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Asian girl does terrifyingly weird cup song

im pretty sure this is my life in one video

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(Fonte: fangasming)

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cotton candy clouds and rain

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Growth spurts. That’s all we ever wanted.

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I wish I was better at comics… i have so many idea’s for these nerds I want to draw…

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i know its only episode two but i like to speculate that sosuke is so up to date on rins life because last year rin called him like every night crying about what haru did to him and now he gets to see him again and just fucking wails on him

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I love Anastasia but they get so much shit wrong and I had to talk about it.

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Title: This Is The Last Time
Artist: The National
Album: Trouble Will Find Me
♫: Ascoltato 36.937 volte

Baby you gave me bad ideas
Baby you left me sad and high…

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- I guess I’ll do it myself.

Happy birthday, katie! [x]

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(Fonte: xamyachok)

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Title: Happy Idiot
Artist: TV on the Radio
Album: Seeds
♫: Ascoltato 326 volte


TV on the Radio — “Happy Idiot”

keep your eyes open for this album when it comes out. tv on the radio may have just gone first level super saiyan

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I’m over the loneliness and I can’t close my eyes without you by my side.

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Title: Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (feat. Desire)
Artist: WZRD
Album: WZRD
♫: Ascoltato 2.297 volte


I want you, girl… I need your body… right here… Won’t you teleport to me?